Victims of Hate EP

Victims of Hate is Hellkrusher’s fifth EP release on Skuld Records, released in 1999.
Hellkrusher Victims of Hate EP
1. Visions of Hate
2. Waste of a Life
3. Dying World
4. Hell God
5. The Fix
6. Tosser (Live)


Visions Of Hate

Another War
On My T.V. Screen
Another Dictator
Fucking Up My Life

Visions Of Hate
Fill My Eyes
Visions Of Hate
In My Head

Another Government Policy
To Rape The Poor
Decisions Made By Fools
To Make Us Suffer

All Around Us
Visions of Hate
Twisting Our Minds
Destroying Our Lives

Waste Of A Life

Don’t Care What Life Has Done To Me
I Shut My Eyes Don’t Want To See
Turn My Back On All I’ve Known
Burning Bridges As I Go

This Is No Life, A Wasted Life
I Need To Numb The Pain
So Down I Go Again

Don’t Think About The Consequences
The Family And Life Long Friends
The Wasted Time, Forever Lost
Unconcerned About The Cost

Can’t Say If I’ll Be Coming Back
Paying The Price For The Will I Lack
Existing From Day To Day
Tomorrow Could Go Either Way

Dying World

They’re Raping The Land
Destroying The Earth
Fucking Up Our World
Killing Mankind

Rain Forests Destroyed
And Our Oceans Polluted
Nuclear Experiments
Environmental Disaster

They’re Making A Killing
At The Expense Of The World
No Thoughts Towards The Future
The Children Who Inherit The Earth

It’s A Dying World
A Cycle Of Destruction
Abusing The World Resources
For Power And Money

Hell God

Darkness From Above
The So Called Heavens
Spreading Death And Disease
Famine, Poverty, War

Poisoned Mind, Fucked Up Life
Braindead, Twisted Soul

This So Called God
That You Believe In
Praying And Worshipping
You Fucked Up Fuckers

Children Of God
Onward They Go
Believing In Shit
The God From Hell

The Fix

I Can See I Can Feel
The Pain Inside Is Real

Feel My Pain Through My Veins
In My Head Through My Eyes

One More Fix To Lay Me Down
The Pain Is Calm All Is Calm

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