Split EP with Disclose

Blood Sucking Freaks III is Hellkrusher’s third EP release, split with Disclose.

hellkrusher-disclose split EP DISCLOSE
1. Inhuman Act
2. Once the War Started
3. Why Must We Die

4. Air Attack
5. Body Count
6. No More


Air Attack

The Thunder Of The Engines
Gets Closer And Closer
The Bomb Doors Open
To Reveal Their Death

The Bombs Start Dropping
People Start Dropping
People Start Running
Maimed Bodies Lie
Trampled Under Foot

The Thunder Of The Engines
Is Now No More
Just Shadows In The Distance
But They’ll Be Back For More


The Battle Is Almost Over
It’s Time To Count The Dead

Your Time is Up, Time To Die

Unrecognisable Faces Lying In The Dirt

Mother Kneels In The Mud
Mourning For Her Son

No More

I Woke Up From A Nightmare This Is The End
A Future Of Oppression Enters My Head

This Is The End. This Is The End

The End Of Our Freedom We’ll Never See
Cos Seeing Is Believing And I’ve Never Seen

People Speak Of Freedom And Work To Stay Alive
Born Into A System Of Which We Have No Choice

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