Dying for Who EP

Dying For Who is Hellkrusher’s first EP, on Tribal War Records. Released in 1992. It is a mixture of Live and Studio recordings.

Hellkrusher - Dying For Who
1. Hellkrusher
2. Smash the Trash
3. Destined to Die
4. Dying for Who
5. Scared of Change



We Ain’t No Fucking Rock Stars
We Ain’t No Fucking Rip Off
We Care About What We Do
We Also Care About You Too
Don’t Be Taken In By All There Shit
They’re Only After One Thing
Destroy The Cunts
Because That’s All They Deserve


Rock Star Attitudes Are No Good
We Want People Down To Earth
They’re Only Interested In Your Money
They Make Me Fucking Sick
We Have To Do Something About
These Rip Off Bastards
We’re Gonna Teach ‘Em All A Lesson
They Will Destroy Our Scene
If We Don’t Do Something


Smash The Trash

These Businessmen, Taking The Piss
Using Us, To Make Their Millions
They Don’t Care About The Music
All They Want Is A Big Fat Cheque

These Cunts Don’t Care About Your Or Me
Rock Stars, Businessmen, They’re All The Same
Making Money Out Of People Who Care
The Big Wheel Turns And They Dare

Top Of The Pops, It’s All The Same
Same Old Faces, Same Old Names
Same Old Songs, Same Old Shit
Say They Care But They Don’t Give A Toss

Destined To Die

My Life Is A Cage
Destined To Die
Condemned To Die
I Ask Myself Why

Something Is Wrong
I Shouldn’t Be Here
Is This My Purpose
To Be Treated This Way

From Birth To Death
I Live A Life Of Doom
Subjected To Horrific Torture
And Locked Up In My Tomb
The Civilisation Creation
Called The Master Race
For Scientific Gain
We’ll Cause Such Fucking Pain

Animals Lives Are Theirs To Live
Not End Up In A Cage
They Have Their Thoughts Of Freedom
But To Them It’s Just A Dream

Dying For Who

Machine Gun Fire Across The Battle Field

Dying For Who, Dying For What

Soldiers Lying In Pools Of Blood

Dying For Who, Dying For What

Scared Of Change

They’re Back In Again
Five More Years Of Shit
Tories Back In Power
But Who Voted Them In

The Shit Scared Lambs
So Afraid Of Change
Can’t Take The Change
To Have Something New

All They Want Is Power
Look Down On You Or Me
But Governments All The Same
Just Pawns In Their Game

Government Is So Fucked
But What Can We Do
Nothings Ever Gonna Change
When It’s Left To You

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