Wasteland Unreleased

This is the original first recording of Wasteland that never saw the light of day… until now!

Released November 26, 2018 by Sanctus Propaganda on vinyl LP (PROP 002) and Chaos Control on CD (CC004).

Vinyl comes with A2 artwork poster, patch, lyric sheet insert and sticker

CD comes with extra tracks (first ever live gig), replica of original press release and sticker.

1 Intro
2 Wasteland
3 Smash The Trash
4 Darkness Provides
5 Confused
6 Warlords
7 Religion (Isn’t Very Nice)
8 Hellkrusher
9 Progressive Destruction
10 Morbid
11 No Religion
12 Darkside
13 The End
14 Outro

CD extra tracks:
15 Wasteland (live)
16 Confused (live)
17 Smash The Trash (live)
18 Progressive Destruction (live)
19 Warlords (live)
20 Darkside (live)
21 Hellkrusher (live)
22 Wasteland (live)