Energetic Krusher

Hellkrusher’s Formation

Hellkrusher formed in 1989 by singer Ali Lynn and bassist Ian ‘Scotty’ Scott after they left their former bands – Energetic Krusher and Hellbastard. For Ali, the prospect of having change into nice clothes and alter his singing style to accommodate a proposed new style and direction that Energetic Krusher wanted to move into didn’t sit well.Hellbastard

Ali and Scotty wanted to bring the old punk sound of Discharge back into the band, rather than the more thrash metal style that their old bands were headed towards.

The first line-up was completed with Steve Wingrove on drums and guitarists Dave Thorburn and Paul Knowles. March 5 1990 heralded the first Hellkrusher gig, with them playing at the Newcastle Riverside club, supporting Bomb Disneyland.

Hellkrusher first line-upHellkrusher recorded their first album for RKT records, recording it twice due to the unsatisfactory first attempt and in the process losing Paul before the second version was recorded.

This first line-up lasted until December 1991, when it was broken up by Ali and reformed in the New Year, this time with Scotty moving to guitar, Curry (ex-Debauchery) on drums and Andy Turnbull on bass. A demo was recorded shortly afterwards, capturing the punk sound that the first album lacked and an EP – ‘Dying For Who’ (Tribal).

A second set of songs was recorded soon after and the two tapes made up their second album ‘Buildings for the Rich’ on the SMR label in early 1993, with Andy leaving and being replaced by Gus (ex-Armed Relapse and Embittered) prior to an extensive tour with Dirt across Europe.

The Touring, The Line-ups and The Split

In September 1993, Hellkrusher recorded their ‘Fields of Blood’ EP (Skuld Records). Following the success of the EP, they were offered a chance to tour the USA with Dirt. Scotty and Curry couldn’t commit to the demands of the tour and their temporary replacements of Steven ‘Moy’ Morrow and Martin ‘Hairy’ Harrison (ex-Energetic Krusher) on guitar and drums respectively went over instead.

Hellkrusher - Rob, Curry, Ali and ScottyIn May 1994, after the eventful USA tour and a European tour, Hellkrusher recorded a split EP with Disclose (Bloodsucker Records). By August 1994 however, Gus, Moy and Hairy had all left the band for various reasons, essentially leaving Ali alone, as Scotty and Curry had started up another band – Aftermath.

Once this splinter band had finished in 1995, the band reformed once again, this time with Rob Morrison (ex-Rampage) on bass and a second guitarist Scoot (Largactyl, Doom and eventually joining Extinction of Mankind). More touring followed and by 1997 Hellkrusher recorded their third album ‘Doomsday Hour’ (Skuld Records).

A split EP with Präparation H was recorded in November 1997, with Rob being replaced soon after its release by Jon Green, who also appeared on the ‘Victims of Hate’ single on Skuld in 1999.

Curry then left in 2000, replaced by Hairy again for the short hiatus before returning in 2001, which shortly after the band finally split.

The Reformation

2007’s Scumfest heralded a reformation of the band, using the line-up of Ali, Curry, Scotty, Rob and Scoot. They have gigged sporadically since, supporting the likes of Discharge, GBH and Antisect, as well as headlining in their own right.

Not content with prestigious gigging, Hellkrusher also recorded their first new studio material in 2012, releasing it as two split EPs: one with the almighty Bulletridden and the other with Deadly Reign.

Hellkrusher - 2013: Ali and ScottyWith external band activities dictating the frequency and location of gigs, Hellkrusher now are limited in their performances, but with the prospect of a new album looming on the horizon, new gigs must surely follow. Watch this space!

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